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Vintage Beads

Vintage beads.... where do I start. Recently I was introduced to vintage and antique beads. I am Obsessed with them now. I just love them... I love the thought that once these are all used up and gone... there won’t be any more of them from this time period. That means they’re rare and the More rare they are, the most special they become. The word vintage in certain things make you think or old and dingy... BUT NOT BEADS.... vintage beads are unique and amazing with all their different sizes, some are hand made, some are brittle, some are glass, some are clay.... I could just go on and on about them. When some of them come in the mail, they come in packages that have bead dust In it... some may want to wash the dust off but personally I think the dust just makes them that more interesting And add to their allure and beauty.

I just have so many ideas of what I want to do with them, so many foreseen patterns and colour combinations. When I started receiving my vintage beads I wanted to drop all projects currently working on and start immediately on my new vintage bead designs. I was able to create one set that sold in no time. Immediately it was purchased. I almost wanted to keep it but I will create another set for myself at some point.

These were the ones that sold almost immediately 💕

Vintage beads are also collector's item and are often be reused in beaded jewelry projects. The term “vintage" is used to refer to any bead over 30 years of age and under 100 years. If the bead is over 100 years old, it would generally be considered to be an antique.

when I searched for vintage beads I noticed they were hard to find in Canada. The ones I found in the US ✨ were expensive. The shipping and duty fees were off the charts but I really wanted some. So I paid the fees. I found that I wanted to start selling them so that people in Canada would have a chance to purchase vintage beads Without paying duty fees. I just started selling them Jan 22 and I am most excited about it. I hope my buyers know that they’re buying quality and once these are gone, they’re gone for good. Can’t wait to see what people create... I can’t wait to create myself . Ta ta for now...

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