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Materials Used

What I use

Midnight Sun Elegance strives to use authentic products in all of my work to demonstrate my connection to land, a way of life and using all parts of the materials.

Work features tanned moose, elk and deer hide; porcupine quills; caribou and moose hair; horse hair; shells; beads; gemstones; birch bark; wood and furs.

Hides are sourced as locally as possibly.

Furs are ethically sourced from hunters and trappers who sustainably harvest the animals.

All findings used in jewelry are hypoallergenic metals, 18Kt gold, 22kt gold, 24kt gold or sterling silver plated.

Beadwork features 24kt gold plated beads, sterling silver beads, galvanized beads, miyuki beads, seed beads and some vintage beads.

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