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How do you organize your beads? Me personally, I put them in those plastic containers with the dividers. I put all the like beads together and by colour. So seed beads with seed beads... colour coded and sizes. Delicas with deli as. All the vintage beads I sort them by who I bought if from and keep a list ofsize, cour, date , country it came from. All my gems are together. all clasps, pins, hooks and other findsing together. Then all may furs are just in bags/boxes all together. for the last few months half of them were stored in my room in my walk in closet. now I bought a shelf I put in my downstairs that I’m going to transfer majority of my beading stuff down there And have an organized shelf I’m hoping lol. Organized mess works for me most of the time :) until I loose a tool that I’m still looking for for the last week lol the reason why majority of my things were in my room is because I like working in my room on my bed. I just set up a little lap table and get right to work. For me this is where it is most comfortable. I need better lighting though. I am trying to declutter my room therefore I am wanting to move everything or majority of my beading stuff down to my basement in my extra room which I am converting to a craft room until further notice lol. If Rob can have a guitar room lol I am going to have a craft room. Anyways just thought I’d share a little today. Ta Ta for now

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