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Fur Pom poms

Started making fur Pom poms. I just adore them. They add a certain elegance to the pieces. I just love how soft they feel. I grew up in a little community of 150 people in the northwest of Canada. Most of whom I was related to. the next closest town was 2.5 hours away. We had a winter ice road and summer ferry To get there that worked on limited hours. Very isolated little community. It was nice because we learned a lot about culture and traditions. One thing was setting and catching wild woodland rabbits to eat. Then the hides were tanned and used for mittens and mukluks. We, Dene people use ever part of an animal and try not to let anything go to waste. we use hides for making garments and insulation, eat the meat, and certain bones for tools. By me making rabbit Pom poms I am carrying a tradition of utilizing parts of the animals with Purpose. I feel proud to be able to do so and to wear animal fur and hide, to honour the animal.

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