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1St Blog Ever!!!

I started Midnight Sun Elegance to show case the beautiful creations I make and to share with others. I love how far I’ve come since starting this past summer. I’ve always beaded... since I was a young girl living in Wrigley NWT... a community of 100-150 people at the most. most of whom are my relatives. we lived there on and off all my younger years until I was in about grade 5. we lived with my AMA (grandma) on and off. She only spoke slavey and I spoke slavey to her to communicate with her. I know all the basics a kid knows... how to ask for candy (AMA si-di son-I-chu (slavey)) (my spelling is not how you spell it but how you would pronounce it); how to ask for money (ama sum-ba son-I-ch); who’s kid I was (Floyd and Loraine se-twey); how are you (da-gon-d); and how to ask for the salt and dry meat and names of animals And how to count, saying different colours)... all these things I still remember and can say but don’t really use anymore. my AMA would bead In her leisure. She had this little plastic orange bag with a white handle that had her most important beading tools... he needles, some thred, scissors and the basic Things you needed. She kept her beads in empty pill bottles and baby food jars. She also kept them in those blue round tin containers that would hold cookies.... mmm what was it called... they were those danish shortbread cookies. She would then sore her containers in an old blue metal trunk she kept at the foot of her bed. That trunk held all of her worldly possessions. I haven’t thought about her in awhile and this blog just brought back those memories I stored deep in my mind. I use to help her thread her needles and bead with her. She is where my love for beading started. I would make necklaces and earrings no a even being that young. I miss my AMA and still remember exactly how she looked, how she sat and the clothes she wore... her scarf over her head when she went out, how she parted her hair down the middle and tied it behind at the nape of the back of her head. Her dresses with her thick brown stocking. her long blue wind coat jacket she wore over her dresses when she went out. her wrap around moccasins with the ric-rac stitched in And the rubbers she would wear over them when she went out. Wow, all of these memories just came flooding out As I started to write and thought... why not share them. They’re dear to me. This is the person whom inspired my love for beading. Selling my jewelry all started when one of my friends asked me to make them a pair of earrings. I had made jewelry all throughout my life but as gifts and for myself in the past. My friend said they would pay me. I thought why not. then soon I had more and more people asking me. now I have a few months worth of orders and I also just started selling vintage beads today. My next blog will be about the vintage beads :)

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