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I started out by doing primarily custom orders. now I take time to do my own thing. It’s hard to balance custom orders and doing your own thing. I love doing custom orders but I also love getting to create my own styles and patterns. Right now I love doing 3 piece sets. It’s the versatility that I love. You can wear your earrings 5 different ways with three peices. I just Love it. I made myself one 3 piece set and I just love wearing it them different ways. I also love the fur dangles or fur Pom Poms. it really makes an earring just that more elegant. I’m currently working on 3 custom orders at the same time. Trying to get those ones done and out to their owners. Love when I finish products and seeing customers wear them💕❤️ I had to take a 3 week break over the holidays. I was starting to get burnt out. Now I’m back to feeling better and being creative 💕❤️ those are just some Sunday thoughts. In the middle of organizing my things. I seriously need to set up a sewing room 💕❤️ Ta ta for now

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