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Beading Helps

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

During this pandemic beading became my

go to. it’s helped me focus on something other then the RONA sickness circulating the world. It’s help me to relax and stay centerEd and grounded. A month before the covid pandemic I passed the NCLEX, for those of you who don’t know what the NCLEX is I’ll explain. It’s is the National Nursing exam you have to do before you are considered to be a Registered Nurse. I have 2 degrees. I have a management degree and a Nursing degree from the University of Lethbridge. after I finished my nursing degree I studied on my own the for the NCLEX. Then wrote it and passed it a month before covid stated. I have not yet worked as a Registered Nurse because covid scared me. you might be thinking but your a nurse and I should probably be out there helping right in the middle of the covid but no that just wasnt for me. There are many avenues you can do as a RN, my favourite is community/public health. I found during my studies I didn’t fancy working in The hospitals on the units but rather be at the public health unit giving vaccines and helping with maternity and new born assessments. . I really like that type of work, as opposed to being bed side. anyways so in the mean time I have been beading and selling my creations to have some extra income. It’s has been really nice to make my own schedule and do it at my leisure. There’s the pressure of orders and trying to get them done right away but there’s also the ability do do it in the morning or afternoon or night... if your a night hawk like myself lol. You can sleep in some days and even take a day off if you want lol. It’s been really nice and helps with balancing your metal health. I love beading and having the ability to create beautiful items for people.

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