Turquoise Earring and Necklace Set

Turquoise Earring and Necklace Set

Earrings: 7 pieces of turquoise disk. Gold coloured ring, gold coloured hypoallergenic earring hooks.

Necklace: 6 pieces of coral disk on a gold coloured pin finding. On gold hypoallergenic metal necklace. 


“Turquoise is of the soil of our Earth Mother and represents the Sky Nation and protects those who act as Guardians of the Earth. Turquoise is a male element and can be worn for protection.  As the Warrior Clans protect the People and all future generations, turquoise protects the wearer from bad.  We need this protection so that nurturing can occur in a safe place. That is why you see Turquoise and Coral worn together.  Mother Earth and Father Sky work together to protect and nurture all creatures." - Coral in the Sacred Path


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