Single Porcupine Quill

Single Porcupine Quill

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Natural Porcupine quill

Hypoallergenic Earring post

Steel finding

3 inches long


Just one prcupine needle makes this earring simple yet elegant 



Porcupine quilling is an ancient Native American art. Indigenous quillwork involved softening and dying stiff porcupine quills and weaving them onto leather or birchbark.

American quillwork embroidery is nearly a lost art. Porcupine quills are difficult to work with, and quilled leather is more difficult to take care of than beaded leather. Most quillers switched to beadwork when seed beads became widely available, since beading uses many of the same skills as quilling but is less grueling. However, some native artists are working to maintain traditional quill art today, particularly among the Dene, Chippewa and Micmac tribes, where the crafting of birchbark quill boxes never completely died out.